Printhall, Bristol

Printhall, Bristol

Contract: Printhall Student Accomodation, Bristol
Client: Fuseland Electrical Services
Contract Value: £330,000

Description: A twelve storey block of 267 studios and flats of student accommodation located within central Bristol. All dwellings house separate shower rooms, with studios having their own self-contained kitchens- whereas each wing of flats share a large kitchen area. The site also boasts several recreation rooms and a gymnasium.

Trident wired and connected several specialist systems which were then commissioned by the relevant supplier’s team.

Trident’s remit on this project is as follows:

  • The full installation of all electrical services containment.
  • Installation and siting of the main panel boards & their associated supplies.
  • Wiring and termination of the sub mains cabling.
  • Installation of all fuseboards and meters.
  • Installation of the earthing system.
  • Installation of the rising busbar and tap off unit system.
  • Full installation of all small power, internal/ external lighting & their control systems.
  • Wiring and connection of the Fire Alarm system.
  • Wiring of the access control system.
  • Installation of the disabled alarm/ refuge system.
  • Wiring and connection of the CHP system.
  • Wiring and connection of the UPS system.