RAF Lyneham

RAF Lyneham

Contract: DTTCP Lyneham
Client: Integral UK
Contract Value: £330,000

Description: All services (Army, Navy and Air Force) training facilities in three large hangars including; classroom areas, large vehicle maintenance/ operating training, crane training area and workshops. Much of this work was at high level requiring the use of MEWP’s.

DTTCP Lyneham was first constructed at the beginning of world war 2 and many of the hangars were riddled with asbestos. Hercules employed an asbestos specialist to find and if possible remove any asbestos. Our operatives had to check each buildings asbestos plan daily in case of any fresh discoveries. This sometimes created problems as certain parts of the buildings could be closed off for some time until the areas were made safe. Trident overcame a situation that could have resulted in lost man hours by amending the works program- therefore, keeping our workforce productive while these safety matters were resolved and finishing our contracts ahead of schedule.

The hangars themselves have been redesigned to be capable of providing a multi use environment, with plenty of scope for additional electrical equipment to be installed without any major changes to any sub main distribution and all electrical services protected to allow these areas to be used in virtually any way.

The main hangar lighting was provided by a high bay lighting system controlled via a series of contactors as a means to make energy savings. Classroom and workshop lighting was provided by modular lighting complemented by occupancy/ unoccupancy detectors and demand switches to achieve the same end.

250 amp busbar was installed on two walls of each hangar to supply any heavy current items, with tap off boxes used to fuse down supplies and provide local isolation. All lower current supplies were picked up using steel conduit and singles.

Trident’s remit in the three buildings is as follows:

  • Full containment installation for all services
  • Installation and siting of the main panel boards and their associated supplies
  • Installation of all fuse boards
  • Installation of all hangar high current busbars
  • Installation of all small power, lighting and lighting control wiring and terminations
  • Testing and certification
  • Providing as fitted drawings
  • Installation and commissioning of the Fire Alarm/ Life Services and commissioning therein

Supervision of the complete electrical installation and attending meetings with the main contractor.