Sarum Senior School

Sarum Senior School

Contract: Sarum Academy Salisbury
Client: N.G.Bailey & Co.Ltd
Contract Value: £290,000

Description: Secondary School in Salisbury, comprising of classrooms, kitchen, dining hall, sports hall, MUGA pitch and car park.

Sarum Academy was built on the old school’s playing field, with the former school being demolished- the sports hall structure was retained and fully refurbished.

The school comprised of standard classrooms that featured an intelligent whiteboard system in each, with key card activated doors.

Science and food technology rooms followed the same general rules as the standard classrooms but also had lock off devices to allow teacher’s to isolate the general power outlets.

Trident were responsible for the following:

  • Full containment installation for all services
  • Installation and siting of the main panel boards and their associated supplies
  • Installation of all fuse boards and their sub main supplies
  • Installation of all small power, lighting and lighting control wiring and terminations
  • Testing and certification
  • Aiding in the commissioning of the lighting system
  • Providing as fitted drawings

Supervision of the complete electrical installation and attending meetings with the main contractor.