National Composite Centre

National Composite Centre

Contract: National Composite Centre Phase 2
Client: N.G.Bailey & Co.Ltd
Contract Value: £385,000

Description: A large industrial factory type premises, complete with workshops, office and administration areas, teaching and lecture rooms, industrial processes areas and break out areas- all under labour/ plant & access only terms.

NCC phase 2 is a large manufacturing, administration and teaching facility designed with a crisp and functional office/ administration area, complemented by an energy saving lighting system that incorporates its large windows to create less waste in lighting inefficiencies.

It also houses workshop/ demonstration areas with cutting edge composite creating equipment.

There is also a large industrial press area and workshop areas that are amply fitted with three-phase and single-phase outlets to supply various manufacturing machines.

The building also contains loading bays, waste handling areas a large plant area and a feature break out room.

Much of the work in the two large industrial areas required MEWP’s to be used and much of the containment and busbar (400 amp) systems were of the larger industrial variety that required Trident to innovate site friendly solutions towards material distribution and personnel safety.

Trident’s remit in the three buildings is as follows:

  • Full containment installation for all services
  • Installation and siting of the main panel boards and their associated supplies
  • Installation of all fuse boards
  • Installation of all high current busbars
  • Installation of all small power, lighting and lighting control wiring and terminations
  • Testing and certification
  • Providing as fitted drawings
  • Aiding in the lighting commissioning

Supervision of the complete electrical installation and attending meetings with the main contractor.