University Of Bath

University Of Bath 10 West

Contract: University Of Bath 10 West
Client: N.G.Bailey & Co ltd
Contract value: £209,500

Description: Department of Psychology and Institute for Policy Research containing; postgraduate study space, administration block, tutor rooms, break out areas and toilet blocks- all under labour/ plant & access only terms.

10 West is a five level structure, with Trident taking responsibility for three of these levels, centered on a large staircase atrium area which accesses the various departments housed within it.

The building’s energy saving light fittings are controlled via an intelligent DALI system allowing control of all lighting from several remote locations and giving the end user information on any faulty lamps or control gear within each luminaire. This particular lighting system also self-tests any emergency lighting.

Trident’s remit on this project is as follows:

  • Full containment installation for all services
  • Installation of fuse boards
  • Installation of all small power, lighting and lighting control wiring and terminations
  • Testing and certification
  • Providing as fitted drawings
  • Aiding in the lighting commissioning
  • Supervision of our areas of responsibility