Trident Electrical sponsorship

Trident Electrical sponsorship

Trident Electrical like to help out our local associates and sporting set-ups by offering vital sponsorship which helps in the progress of current sports and clubs across the region.

Here is a list of our current sponsorship:

Avonmouth Rugby Club

Trident Electrical are proud to be associated with Avonmouth Rugby Club and are pleased to announce we will be sponsoring them for the 2015-16 season.

Cleve Under 18 girls

Trident Electrical Ltd are proud to sponsor Cleve Under 18 girls with their playing tops.

Sweatbox Junior Amateur Boxing Club

Sweatbox Junior Amateur Boxing Club is located in the Bedminster neighbourhood of Bristol. The club prides itself on it’s junior martial artists, particularly with the way in which such sports instil a spirit of discipline, motivation, confidence and fitness in young people.

The Sweatbox Junior ABC has a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, ages and abilities. As long as a child is not disruptive anyone is welcome.

All sessions are run with an emphasis on fun and sporting achievement, with no pressure on students to spar or compete if they choose not to.

The class is generally divided into three groups:

  • Novices and younger students- this class is aimed at introducing these children to the basics of boxing, though they warm up with the rest of the class.
  • Intermediate- for children who have progressed from the novice stage and are now able to pad each other and practise boxing drills together.
  • Advanced/ Carded boxers- this section of the class is for those who have progressed from the intermediate group and are now confidant enough to begin controlled sparring and, when they are deemed able and are happy to, begin full sparring.

“Trident Electrical Ltd have donated to the Sweatbox Juniors ABC for several years now and take a real interest in the whole cross section of our members- from the novices right through to the carded boxers. They have attended several of our Boxing Shows and often come to watch individual fighters on shows put on by other clubs” John Conway, Lead Coach Sweatbox ABC


SGS Filton Female Rugby

Trident Electrical Ltd have sponsored SGS Filton Female Rugby’s up and coming Sanix World youth Rugby Tournament in Japan April 2016, for their off field kit.